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I never considered photography as a job or career, even though I always been super artsy. I took a crap ton of photography classes in college, but if I’m being honest, I was always told that being a freelance artist was for people who didn't know what they wanted to do with their life. 

The very first wedding I was in, I realized that being a wedding photographer is more than just being a hired vendor. I found it SO fun that the photographer was along side us having a blast while also doing her job. You mean I get to be creative and have a good time while I'm working?? Sign me up, like yesterday!! Two weeks later I sent the photographer a message asking if I could join in on her workshop for later that fall. I drove through New York, down to the a-frame, and after that weekend I KNEW I had a vision of being a full-time wedding photographer. 

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Weddings & elopements are just exactly that: a visual story about two people who decided they want to get married and have the time of their life while doing so. 

I’m not a huge writer but I love to tell visual stories - and make them fun AF

And I say that SUCKS. Call me crazy, but your wedding day is about the two of you and no one else. Taking the whole day for one another instead of just a few hours makes a world of difference in the amount of wedding memories you will create together. When we work together - my ultimate goal is making sure your wedding day is all about YOU TWO. Say the word, and I've got you covered.

on the average wedding day you'll spend more time with your photographer than your spouse to be..

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You should have a big giant venue that costs thousands, you should include your great Aunt Sally who hasn't seen you since you were an infant, and you should get a four tier wedding cake that not a soul will touch.

All of these "should's" don't take into account the adventurous couple who might want to throw on a harness and climb down into the slot canyons together. Or a couple that loves those east coast mountain views so much that they'll wake up before sun rise to get the best landscape they could've imagined. Even the couple that just wants to get married in the privacy of their backyard. I say that couple should still get to experience a wedding day like no other, and one that is truly all about them. 

the wedding industry tells you a lot of what you "should do" when planning your wedding. 

Since I made the switch to elopements + intimate gatherings I learned that

like, why??

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I can go on and on about how I like to get drinks with friends or how I sing to my dog, but what matters most to me is that you know I care about you. When you sign that contract and hit send, you're gaining someone who wants to go above and beyond to make sure your photography plans are handled. I want to stand next to you and see your wedding or elopement unfold into the day you imagined it would be. I've got the experience, you've got the love, so now let's come together and plan a freakin' DAY.

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If you're wondering how I get anything done - it's cause of this man on the right. My husband Michael and I have been together for seven years, and yes when I tell people that my jaw drops because I still feel like I'm twenty. He helps me with the in's and out's of this business all while working his own full-time job. A gem, am I right??

Aside from that, he is the one that does the videography for our intimate weddings & elopements. We want to document you in your most care-free moments because those moments ACTUALLY matter when showing off who you are as a couple. As an added bonus we're gonna have fun with you on your big day, and do anything we can to make you feel comfortable.

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